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(Retooling the site a bit…. This content was originally the ‘Toolbox’ page.)

Here is a look at my development “toolbox”, my tools of the trade. I use mostly open-source tools, but my “Work” machine has more expensive paid-for software.


  • Work Stations: PC – Windows 7, Windows 10, and Linux (Ubuntu, KDE Neon)
  • IDE: PHPStorm
  • Text Editor: Notepad++ (Use for opening random files when I don’t want to load it into the IDE)
  • FTP: WinSCP* ¬†(Has a useful sync feature that will automatically upload edited files to server, but this can cause some headaches when trying to do stuff with Git (eg: throws errors when trying to merge, you have to turn off the sync feature before you merge).
  • Photo Editing: Photoshop, GIMP (in a pinch)
  • SQL: HeidiSQL, MySQL Workbench
  • SCM:
    • Git w/ GitFlow plugin
    • SVN (for WordPress Plugins)
  • Package Management:
    • PHP: Composer
    • JS: Node/NPM
  • Testing/Code Compliance:
    • PHPUnit
    • PHPCS
  • Ticketing System/Agile Workflow:¬†Atlassian Jira
  • Code Viewing/Review: Atlassian Fisheye & Crucible

Essential Plugins

Plugins that make my life easier. This is has a little from the UI and Development worlds in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS.

  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • AngularJs w/ Angular-UI plugins
  • Doctrine DBAL/QueryBuilder/ArrayCollection
  • Twig
  • Carbon DateTime
  • UnderscoreJs
  • Grunt
  • RequireJs
  • Tonic
  • Silex
  • LESS


Hi! I'm Casey, a web developer/programmer, my goal with this blog is to share my experience with web programming to hopefully help others. I consider myself a jack of all trades programmer. While I'm more comfortable working in the back-end code I often find myself in the UX world. I'm primary a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) developer but have done some work with .NET, ColdFusion, and Java.

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