Do you put branding on your client sites?

As a developer/designer, do you put your branding on your client’s sites?

Personally, I avoid doing things like that. I get that it is a way to advertise your company or services, but it just seems wrong and tacky to me.  I’m referring to when you go to a site and in the footer there is a link and/or text saying something like “Website designed and developed by Some Company” or worse when it is a WordPress site and they have their logo on the wp-admin page…  I assume these companies OK the text with the site owners and all, but to me this practice is sooo 1998 and is just gross.

To clarify further, I’m not talking about free/open-source products and sites that put in things like “Powered by WordPress” in the footer, I’m taking about webdev and marketing shops that throw their branding on their client’s paid for sites.

A better option you ask?  I’m down with less obtrusive practices.  So a little logo in the footer with no text, or putting your info in the comments of CSS and theme files, etc.  If you want the recognition put the site in your portfolio and call it good.  If the client is truly happy with the product you gave them they will let everyone know who did the work for them.

What do you think, is it OK to do?  Leave me a comment!



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