FED Toolkit / Boilerplate to check out!

A friend of mine is sharing his FED (Front-End Developer) Toolkit / Boilerplate on GitHub.  It’s platform agnostic and meant to help setup client-side apps quickly. It’s also easily extendable to fit your needs.  It utilizes Node.js and npm, so make sure you have those installed.  It uses gulp and webpack to compile and minify files and also uses bower for library package management.

Check it out!  If you like it, give Anthony some love!


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Joining a Subquery to Doctrine QueryBuilder

I was faced with an odd situation the other day and couldn’t find anything on the Internet to point me the right direction… I needed to join a subquery to my query using Doctrine’s QueryBuilder. I saw nothing promising on my searches and nothing in Doctrine’s docs. After some tinkering I discovered that I could slap in a query within join functions. I ended up creating the subquery as a new QueryBuilder instance and spit out the SQL into the a join function.  This should work on all their join functions: join(), innerJoin(), leftJoin(), and rightJoin(). Here’s how it works:

If you look at what the functions are doing it will click.

From the API:

join( string $fromAlias, string $join, string $alias, string $condition = null )

So when you do this: $qb->join(‘t1’, ‘tbl2’, ‘t2’, ‘t1.id = t2.id’), Doctrine is doing this behind the scenes: JOIN tbl2 t2 ON t1.id = t2.id.  So instead of adding a table as the $join variable, I dump SQL in there.

Here is a sloppy example for you:

Lets start with the base query…

$qb =$conn->createQueryBuilder();
$qb->select("emp.id, emp.first_name, emp.last_name, emp.email, emp.phone")
->from("employeeMain", "emp")
->where($query->expr()->in("empId", $searchIds));

Now our sub query…

$subQuery = dbal()->createQueryBuilder();
$subQuery->select("GROUP_CONCAT(emp.jobTitle) AS jobTitle,  emp.empId")
->from("employeeMeta",  "emp")
->where("emp.locationId = '345'")
->andWhere($query->expr()->in("empId", $searchIds))

Put it all together now!

$query->leftJoin("empMain", "(".$subQuery->getSQL().")", "sub", "empMain.id = sub.empId")


For more information on the Doctrine Project, check out http://www.doctrine-project.org/.

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Welcome to the new CaseySays.com!  My goal for this rendition is to regularly post thoughts, experiences, solutions I come up with while programming.  Hopefully I can help someone that is having similar problems that I have experienced and figured out.  Please post comments, let me know if what I came up with was helpful or just plan wrong! 😛 Welcome and enjoy!

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