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Check out the site I threw together for my Buddy Jon’s tattoo shop.  The ARTery Tattoo Company in Sioux Falls, SD.

Artery Tattoo Home Page

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Ruby Amp Build

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I was looking for a low wattage guitar amp that I hook hook headphones up to, I ended up building a Ruby.  It’s a 1/2 watt solid state amp based on the LM386 IC.  It was a pretty smooth and easy to build project.  Another plus is it is powered bya 9v battery!  This was also my first attempt using pefboard.

More info on the Ruby:

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Disable New Tab Page in FireFox 13

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New in Firefox 13 is the New Tab Page, that shows you a grid-view of your favorite or most visited sites, much like Chrome does.  What do you think?  I hate it!  I went through the options to see if I could easily remove it, of course there isn’t an option to do that… You can click the button in the upper right-hand corner to hide it, but that is still annoying. You can remove it completely by going into FireFox’s config. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Enter about:config into the address bar.
  2. Search for browser.newtab.url.
  3. Next you need to change the Value from about:newtab to either: (a) about:blank to get a blank tab,  (b)  about:home to get the FireFox branded home search page, or (c) a URL (ie  There may be a variable that you can use to utilize your homepage, but I am too lazy to look…
  4. Enjoy!

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New Project! Valvecaster

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I gathered all the ingredients for my next project, Matsumin Valvecaster.  The Vavlecaster is a 9v 12au7 based tube overdrive pedal.  Google it, you will see hundreds of examples.  My first attempt will be a stock one, if that turns out well I will do some modding and possibly build a Dualcaster (using 2 tubes).  I will update the post when I get further along in the process.

My caster will be using some NOS GE 5814As I scored on eBay.

UPDATE (9/10/12): Finally got some time to finish it up a few weekends ago.  It is still a prototype, I need to tinker with it a little more… It sounds pretty good on my MIM Strat, but sounds like crap on LP copy with humbuckers. Stay tuned for more Valve Caster Madness!

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Selling the Model A

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Well, I’ve been sitting on this Model A project for four years now and haven’t had the ambition to start on it, so I think it is time to move on to something else.

I have listed it on the HAMB, FordBarn, and Craigslist.   I’m asking $700 $650 or trade for a ’49-54 Chevy Coupe.  Feel free to Contact Me if interested.

Here is a copy of the listing:

Selling off my Model A more door project; I believe it is a 1930 Murray. I’d like to sell it all in one lot, but if no one is interested I will part it out. It is titled as a 2010 Homemade Ford Model A 4 door (ID number is stamped into the frame rail). ID number was assigned by the state of ND.

$700  $650 OR BEST OFFER, cash. I would consider a trade for a ‘49-54 Chevy Coupe. Local pickup only. The parts are located 40 miles Northwest of Fargo, ND, near Erie, ND.

I’ll post the couple pics I have on my computer and will try to get some more up shortly.

Here is what I got:

– Cowl w/ visor– a little rust-through on the sides

– Header panel – a few spots of rust-through

– Rear Section – some rust-through on the wheel wells

– Drivers-side roof panel (above the doors)

– Front doors – drivers and passengers, some rust-through on the bottoms, drivers-side is a little dented up (see pics)

– Rear doors – 3 drivers and 1 passengers

– A couple sets of hinges (in addition to what is currently on the doors/cowl/rear section)

– 2 sets of B pillars

– Frame rails and rear cross member – frame rails are pretty beat up, but still useable. The rear cross member is probably junk. Lots of cracks and farmer welds

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Concept Contruction & Design

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Need a contractor in the Fargo-Moorhead area?  Contact Cody over at Concept Construction & Design!

I just completed this web site for him, I did the site design, site setup, custom widgets, and custom plug-ins.

Concept Construction and Design

Need a website or blog?  Shoot me a message.  I am looking for a couple freelance clients.  My resume and portfolio can be found at


Out with the old

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It’s been a while since I worked on the Model A.  I’ve been spending a lot of time getting my house up on the market.  I also relocated to the great North of Minnesota. I’m actually 10 miles from Canada.  Last September (2010), was the last time I did some work on the old girl.  I stripped all the parts I wasn’t going to use off the chassis.  I traded the parts for some rear doors and some other sheet metal parts.  Unfortunately, I ended up with two left doors (rear), but I found a couple from a guy in Duluth.  So now I have three left doors and one right. :)

As you can see from the gallery images, I 86’ed the rims, rear end (hubs, breaks, suspension, torque tube, etc), break levers, center cross member, spindles, steering arms, front hubs, front breaks, fender supports, and other misc brackets.  I will be reusing the I beam, wish bone (will become split bones), and front spring.

I’m excited to get back into the project.  Now I just need a house with a usable garage…

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Go Murphy!

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Check out the site I did for a couple of my buddies’ band Go Murphy,  I did the site design, site setup, custom widgets, and custom plug-ins.  There are still a couple loose ends, but the site is live and rockin’.

Need a website or blog?  Shoot me a message.  I am looking for a couple freelance clients.  My resume and portfolio can be found at

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Broken RCA Plug

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Ever had the male end of a RCA cable break off into a female jack? Here is how I got one out:

Tools needed:

  • Pliers (I used a needle nose)
  • Sewing needle (the Manuel ones with the eye loop at the end)
  • A lighter, matches, flame thrower…something that makes a flame

What to do:

  1. Unplug your electronic device.
  2. Grab the needle with the pliers. Make sure the eye loop is facing down.
  3. Heat the eye of the needle till she is glowing red.  MAKE SURE YOU HOLD THE NEEDLE WITH THE PLIERS!  If not you will burn your fingers.
  4. CAREFULLY push the eye of needle into the back of the broken RCA plug.  The core of most RCA plugs are plastic, so the needle will melt its way into the plug.   Be careful not to press too hard and not to stick the needle to the wall of the female RCA jack.
  5. Wait a min for the needle to cool  and the plastic to harden up.
  6. Gently pull the plug out.  If the plug is all the way in there, you may need to wiggle it a little bit to get to come out.

Please note:  I am not responsible for any self-inflicted injuries or damage you may cause to your electronics.


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11th Annual Norski Days – Fort Ransom, ND

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Well boys and girls, it is that time of year again!  Norski Days!!  Check it out!

Here is the updated events map:

Hope to see you out there!

Norski Days 2011 Poster

Norski Days 2011 Poster

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